10 October 2013
Le Mose
10 October 2013

Area Le Mose (Comune di Piacenza)
Geographical coordinates 45° 02’ 26.63” N
9° 45’ 07.77” E
Coordinates refer to the farmstead “Grande Le Mose”
Property/ Managing authority Area AP3:
Public lots and lots owned by privates
Consortium UnoAP3 for the realization of urbanizations
Consortium Due AP3 for the maintenance of urbanizations

Area AP6:
Lots owned by privates

Progetto Unitario Fiera Area:
Public lots and lots owned by privates

Pip Le Mose Area :
Completed area
Urban Planning Tools General Urban Plan (n.127, 29.03.2001) and Municipal Structural Plan
Municipal Structural Plan was adopted with deliberations no. 6 of 10th March 2014, no. 7 of 17th March 2014, no. 9 of 31th March 2014, no.10 of 1st April 2014, no. 11 of 7th April 2014, no. 12 of 14th April 2014 and no.13 of 15th April 2014 and now it is expected to be approved
Surface Area Area AP3: 1.761.000 smq
Area AP6: 413.545 smq
Area Pip Le Mose: 768.462 smq
Area Progetto Unitario Fiera: 304.000 smq
Coverage Ratio Index Area AP3: 0,4 smq/smq
Area AP6: 0,4 smq/smq
Area Pip Le Mose: 0,40 smqs/mq
Area Progetto Unitario Fiera: 0,4 ÷ 0,8 smq/smq
Land Use Destination Productive
Setting Completely urbanized area and directly connected to the road and railway network
Ecologically Equipped Productive Area Area AP3: it has to comply with EEPA standards as requested by VIA
Execution Status Partially realized
Connection to the water supply network Present
Sewerage system Present
Connection to the water treatment plant Present
Connection to the gas pipeline Present
Connection to the electricity grid Present
Wiring networks Present
Highway network Piacenza est toll booth of A1 and A21 (1-5km.)
Primary road network Direct access to SP10R (<1 km) and to SS9 (1-5 km)
Railway network Piacenza railway station (5-10 km)

Le Mose: the new logistics railway hub

The municipal administration (LOCAL AUTHORITY) commits to move the goods yard to Le Mose,(in particular to “La Granella” area). It is the starting point of a project of a logistics railway hub that implies the transfer of the rails from the current railway station.

The decentralization of the goods yard represents a crucial step and makes the area a great opportunity for companies that could be interested in the railway trade (RAILWAY INTERCHANGE). The project is under EVALUATION consideration of the technicians in charge.