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07 November 2013
07 November 2013
The Municipality of Piacenza adopted the Municipal Structural Plan with deliberations no. 6 of 10th March 2014, no. 7 of 17th March 2014, no. 9 of 31th March 2014, no.10 of 1st April 2014, no. 11 of 7th April 2014, no. 12 of 14th April 2014 and no.13 of 15th April 2014 and now it is expected to be approved.

The new structural plan will allow to define the new areas where to expand the manufacturing activity and the general regulatory framework for new and pre-existing areas.

This plan is inspired by the most advanced standards in terms of environmental sustainability, land saving and development opportunities. In particular, in the areas of expansion the goal is to break down the real estate in favour of the promotion of manufacturing activities and services.

These goals will be achieved through three tools:
1. the leading role of Sportello Unico per l’Edilizia e le Attività Produttive (SUEAP): the Sportello has a key role in fostering new settlements; it is involved in a deep bureaucratic simplification and computerization of all services, to reduce times to get building authorizations (through the promotion of effective Service conferences as well). SUEAP is at 11, Via Scalabrini and is available online at: web2.comune.piacenza.it/comune/servizi-online/suap

2. the increasing reinforcement of the Area Produttiva Ecologicamente Attrezzata (Ecologically Equipped Productive Area) which will get a more and more relevant role, showing a quality way to the manufacturing sector, whether pre-existing or in expansion in the logistic hub area and inspiring in the same way all the production facilities of our territory;

3. in step with the Territorial Plan of Provincial Coordination, the municipal structural plan (PSC) expects a new pole of production for territorial development, whose fulfillment will depend on the possibility of satisfying the potential demand primarily in the areas of production already classified and on the manifestation of a proved specific need, as well as on a specific request for a new production settlement to be realized at the SUEAP (Croce Grossa Area) .
Consequently, the territory of the Municipality of Piacenza will be also affected by radical urban transformations of military areas settled in the historic centre of the city. Connected to the dismission process triggered by the ministerial authorities in charge, it will be possible to recover and return to the city areas of great cultural and environmental value.

The Municipal Administration undertakes the responsibility of reducing taxation to encourage the industrial and productive settlements. An incisive system of incentives is an important item of the urban planning tools that are expected to be approved.

Piacenza The Place is willing to signal further initiatives of all the associations representing the local production system to promote private areas for their insertion in the website. The signals could be sent to: silvia.uccelli@piacenzatheplace.it.