Piacenza The Place
04 November 2013
Services network
04 November 2013
An efficient services network, a local system careful to what companies need and able to respond punctually, a unique representative to start the activity and to solve all bureaucratic steps and the guarantee of the time to market make Piacenza the perfect “Place” where to start a new activity.
In addition, the Municipal Administration puts effort into reducing taxation on new productive settlements and the stakeholders made an effort to collaborate.

Qualified information and assessment services
- Data and analysis on economic and social system
- Information on competences and skills of human resources
- Punctual recommendation of areas and properties for the settlement

Start-up Services: one StopShop
- A single contact point to obtain authorizations and to carry out procedures: the One Stop Shop – Municipality of Piacenza
- The guarantee of a tailor made assistance for all the authorization process with a single representative.
- Support to choose a location suitable for productive activities, services, logistics and R&D activities on the base of the company layout.
- Organisation of inspections and tours on chosen locations.
- Collaboration in selecting the site and comparing the different offers.

- Assistance in the relationships with local Authorities and institutions and with the stakeholders
- Support in the relationships with Universities, Politecnico, R&D centres, Tecnopolo
- Collaboration in researching potential ranges of human resources, professional profiles, training centres
-Guarantee on the Time to Market in step with the local best practices.

Services related to incentives and facilitations
- Assessment of possible fiscal incentives
- Identification of support instruments: to investment, to hire, to train and for R&D activities.

Here the list, being completed, of subjects offering the abovementioned services.
Municipality of Piacenza
Department of economic development, innovation and territorial marketing

One Stop Shop

Piacenza Chamber of Commerce

And furthermore: Ervet, Aster, I-Musp.